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At PARCC Games, our top priority is your student’s success. As teachers ourselves, we understand that your time is limited. That’s why we do the searching and testing for you! All games and sites linked from our site have been found to support Common Core standards for Math and Language Arts. On our Teachers Page, you will find the standard linked to each game.

 Featured Games

km_allie    km_rolypoly    km_howMany    km_raceway    km_moleGame

1m_pyramid    1m_numberMinus10    1m_numberPlus10    1m_starfish    4m_patterns

Game of the Week: Comma Chameleon


2m_shootout    2m_expandIt    2m_writeIt    2m_bundle    2m_wishing

2r_plurals  kr_elmoRhymes  2r_describing  kr_sandcastle  kr_robot

Check out our Teacher’s and Parents Page to see which standards you’re hitting.